Waste Management Total Rewards

Waste Management employees have the option to take part in the Waste Management Total Rewards program that is offered. The rewards program  has the support of Hewitt Associates. You will be able to take part in this survey if you are a Waste Management employee and register for the rewards program online. You will need to verify who you are with your date of birth and the last four of your social security number in order to be able to register. You will be able to log in once you have registered and enjoy the rewards and benefits that are offered by this program.

It is completely free and easy to be able to participate in the rewards program that is offered by Waste Management. The service is not-for-profit and is available for your convenience online. You may discover that even more is offered with this program than you ever would have expected.


  1. Go to www.mywmtotalrewards.com.
  2. If you are not an employee of the Canadian Waste Management click where you see “register as a new user”.
  3. Now you need to enter the last four of your social security number as well as your birth date. This is used for personal identification. When you are finished click “continue”.
  4. Now you need to create your user ID.
  5. Follow the rest of the directions in order to complete the process of your registration.
  6. When you are done registering you will need to enter your login information in order to be able to get access to the rewards program.
  7. If you are a Canadian employee you will need to click on the link that is just for Canada. The process of registering for your rewards program will be similar.

This process should not take you too much time and you should be able to get logged into your rewards account right away after you register. You will then be able to see the benefits that you will be able to take part in since you have registered to be a member of the rewards program.


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